Training Program Approval

The AzCHOW Training Program Approval Process focuses on the Core Competencies of a CHW and determines whether a training program provides the information and skills necessary to ensure an effective and standardized workforce.

AzCHOW is accepting applications for training program approval. Please read through the Training Program Approval Application and Guidelines for more information, and email us at when you are ready to begin the Training Program Approval process. 

For more information about the training program approval process, please contact us at

Resources to Prepare your Organization for Training Program Approval

Prepare your Organization for Training Program Approval: A Step-by-Step Guide.

This resource will take you through the process for preparing your organization for Training Program Approval. If you aren’t sure where to begin, this guide is for you! It will help you to develop your training program from scratch and prepare the application materials.

Additional resources: Training Program Approval webinar and powerpoint

Watch a recording of the CHW Training Program Approval Informational Meeting.

View the powerpoint here: CHW Training Program Approval Informational Meeting Powerpoint.

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