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Maricopa County

Organizations & Health System Support

The Arizona Community Health Workers Association is a cornerstone for supporting organizations and health systems in optimizing Community Health Worker (CHW) programs. Our offerings include Technical Assessment services, guiding organizations in strategically implementing CHW initiatives. AzCHOW also provides comprehensive Technical Assistance and Support for starting new CHW programs, ensuring a seamless and impactful launch. Additionally, our services extend to enhancing existing CHW programs, with specialized support in areas such as CHW Integration, Care Coordination, and tailored CHW Supervisor's Training, fostering the growth and effectiveness of CHW initiatives within healthcare systems across Arizona.

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Technical Assessment

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Technical Assistance & Support Starting a New CHW Program

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Technical Assistance & Support Enhancing an Existing CHW Program

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Image by Stephanie Harvey
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CHW Integration

Care Coordination

CHW Supervisor's Training

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