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Salud Para Nuestra Gente

What We Do

The CHW Douglas team provides support and resources for the community.  We focus on the topics of health literacy, social determinants of health (SDOH) and COVID-19 prevention, vaccine hesitancy and informational COVID-19 updates.  We serve individuals, families, other CHW's and professionals.  We help the community to achieve the best health outcomes and maintain a better quality of life.   We do this through outreach, home visits, community events, facilitate trainings and presentations, and have partnerships with other organizations and community leaders.  We will continue our efforts to aid community members to better understand their health, that of their loved ones, and so that we can have a healthy community. 



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COVID-19 Vaccination Guide

View, download and utilize all the sources on the pamphlet!

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Social Determinants of Health

Want to learn more about the social determinants of health?

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Health Literacy

Want to learn more about health literacy?

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Tips for a Better Doctor's Appointment

Want to have a more effective doctor's visit?

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For more information on Salud Para Nuestra Gente, please contact Graciela Souder at

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