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New NRHA Policy Brief Provides Recommendations for Law Makers on CHW Utilization

The NRHA recently published a policy review of “select research findings on Community Health Worker (CHW) integration relevant to policymakers, considers challenges, and presents recommendations to incorporate the CHW model in rural communities to improve health outcomes, reduce health disparities and enhance quality of life for rural Americans.” Main Main Findings: … Continue reading


What is a Community Health Worker?: Infographic

AzCHOW developed this infographic with the Arizona Prevention Research Center(AzPRC) to showcase what we know about the roles, scope of work and and impact of Arizona’s community health worker workforce. In 2015, AzCHOW worked with AzPRC and partners to conduct a survey of the state’s CHW workforce. The infographic shows the key findings of the report.
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AzCHOW Provides Training on Mental Health Risks of Hearing Loss

Community Health Workers from diverse organizations met in Douglas this month to learn more about the connection between hearing loss and mental well being. The training was sponsored by the Office of Border Health, US-Mexico Border Health Commission as part of the US-Mexico Border Health Month activities. Collaborators included University … Continue reading


New Training Opportunities

Are You Interested in Becoming an AzCHOW Trainer?


AzCHOW recently asked CHWs from across the state of Arizona, “Who should provide training for CHWs?” CHWs said that experienced CHWs, CHW supervisors and health experts with community experience should train CHWs in core competencies adopted by AzCHOW and the APHA, and provide training in  specialized topics.

This is your chance to make your voice heard. Are you an experienced CHW? Do you have valuable skills and knowledge to share with other CHWS? If so, please respond to our survey below, or share this email with CHWs and other professionals you would like to see become trainers in Arizona. AzCHOW has partnered with the University of Arizona Prevention Research Center to create this survey to find out who is interested in participating in the AzCHOW Training Center Network of trainers.

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