Webinars (Spanish)

At AzCHOW we are committed to always providing the necessary tools that community health workers are needing to help our communities. That is why, when in a way without precedent, a pandemic came to change the way we all live, AzCHOW started to work on a new project. We are aware of the changes and needs that had never been seen before, not only in our communities, but around the world, so thinking about the well-being of our CHWs and the communities they serve this new project was born.

We know the importance of maintaining good emotional health in moments like those we are experiencing. We are happy that in some way we can contribute to counteract a bit of the emotional effects that this global crisis is bringing. We know the impact that emotions can have on our physicalhealth and we are aware that in order to help others we must first be well ourselves.

That is why we invite you to connect to our webinar that we will be offering every week, where an emotional health specialist will be providing tools and techniques to lessen the impact that COVID-19 is bringing to our lives. The first workshop will be this Wednesday, April 8 at 2:00 pm (Arizona time). We also ask you in the most attentive way to help us share this information. Remember that together we can do more and go further.

To register click the link: https://uahs.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_60bFvL8ITDqLvZw7G1DheQ