Understanding Immunity through Hip-Hop

Community Immunity: This five-part animated rap anthology featuring Grammy®-winning rapper and Hip-Hop Public Health Advisory Board Member, Darryl DMC McDaniels of RUN-DMC, deconstructs Vaccine Literacy into various topics that are presented in a series of five 60-second animated videos.

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2020 Spanish COVID-19 Video Animations – Available for viewing

What happens in a COVID-19 Vaccine Trial (Spanish):

Children, COVID-19 pandemic, and mental health (Spanish):

COVID-19 prevention and control best practices (Spanish):

Social distancing during COVID-19 (Spanish):

Other COVID-19 Animations to watch

  1. “Recruitment for COVID-19 vaccine trials.” Links:(Spanish) (English)
  2. “What happens in a COVID-19 Vaccine Trial?” Links: (Spanish) (English)
  3. “What do children need during COVID-19.” Links: (Spanish) (English)
  4. “Mama Lucha’s COVID-19 Dance Party.” Links: (Spanish) (English)
  5. “Social Distancing During COVID.” Links here: (Spanish) (English)

COVID Vaccine Resources:


Vaccine Safety

  • CDC: V-safe — A new smartphone-based, after-vaccination health checker for people who receive COVID-19 vaccines. Download poster (V-Safe Poster) or download V-Safe Information sheet (V-Safe Information) (Two separate documents uploaded)

Understanding mRNA

View this helpful video on the immune response and vaccine technology.

mRNA Explanation video: