Annual Conference

The AzCHOW Annual Conference is the signature event for the Community Health Worker (CHW) Workforce in Arizona. The original AzCHOW conference was held in 2003.

CHWs are a vital workforce in today’s healthcare system: we connect patients to care, improve health service delivery, and advocate for vulnerable populations in our state. The Annual AzCHOW Conference strengthens the CHW workforce by providing training, building professional capacity and sharing knowledge about the pressing health issues facing Arizona’s communities.

Plus, they are a lot of fun! Here are some highlights from previous CHW conferences.

2018 AzCHOW Conference 

2017 AzCHOW Conference

2016 AzCHOW Conference

2015 AzCHOW Conference

Support and Supervision of CHWs Workshop AzCHOW Conference 2016

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