AzCHOW Provides Training on Mental Health Risks of Hearing Loss

L-R Rachel Peterson and Laura Coco

L-R Rachel Peterson and Laura Coco

Community Health Workers from diverse organizations met in Douglas this month to learn more about the connection between hearing loss and mental well being. The training was sponsored by the Office of Border Health, US-Mexico Border Health Commission as part of the US-Mexico Border Health Month activities. Collaborators included University of Arizona, the Douglas Ventanilla de Salud, SEAHEC, and Mariposa Community Health Center.

The training provided insight into how CHWs can support families caring for elders to help them adapt to hearing loss. Topics covered included an overview of how hearing works, symptoms and risks of hearing loss, and how to utilize screenings to diagnose and provide prevention and intervention. The training focused primarily on age related hearing loss, and provided and strategies for communication that can reduce the sense of isolation and disorientation resulting from barriers to communication. The training was provided by Laura Coco, AuD, CCC-A UA Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences and Rachel Peterson, MA, MPH Health Educator, Senior UA Center on Aging.

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