New Elder Care Fact Sheets in English and Spanish from the Arizona Center on Aging

The Arizona Center on Aging (ACOA) recently added two new fact sheets to their Elder Care Resources website.

The Care Partner Information Page provide single-page fact sheets that can be used by anyone who is providing care for an older adult with dementia –  including volunteers, family caregivers, direct care workers and community health workers. These sheets provide basic background information, helpful tips and community resources on a variety of topics associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and other related dementias.

The evidence-based Elder Care Provider sheets for interprofessional providers can be used by anyone who is providing care for an elder, including CHWs.

New Fact Sheets

The  Elder Care sheet, Methadone for Treating Pain in Older Adults describes some benefits for prescribing methadone over other opioids to older patients, and key considerations for safety.

The Care Partner sheet, Assessing Pain in Dementia,” (Evaluación del Dolor en Personas con Demencia)  provides tips on how to identify if a person with dementia is experiencing pain.

See the full fact sheets below, and check out ACOA’s website for even more information!

Methadone for Treatment of Pain
Assessing Pain in Dementia
Assessing Pain in Dementia- Spanish

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