Op-ed from Rep. Heather Carter: “We can save money and lives with community health workers”

Representative Heather Carter (R-Cave Creek), chairwoman of the House Health Committee in the Arizona Legislature and CHW ally, penned an op-ed in the Arizona Capitol Times about HB 2324 Voluntary Certification for Community Health Workers. Representative Carter is the primary sponsor of HB 2324, which passed through the House Health Committee with unanimous support on February 1, 2018. Representative Carter writes:

Arizona’s health care system is shifting from a utilization-based payment model to a system that is quality-based and focused on preventive care and disease management. This is better for the patient and reduces use of more expensive services, like visits to the hospital emergency room. This is why Arizona’s community health workers are vital, not only to patients who rely on their guidance but to the overall health care system that sees reduced costs and increased patient wellness because of their efforts.

Please share this op-ed and contact your Representatives to let them know that you support HB 2324! 


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