New NRHA Policy Brief Provides Recommendations for Law Makers on CHW Utilization

The NRHA recently published a policy review of “select research findings on Community Health Worker (CHW) integration relevant to policymakers, considers challenges, and presents recommendations to incorporate the CHW model in rural communities to improve health outcomes, reduce health disparities and enhance quality of life for rural Americans.”

Main Findings:
CHWs serve as an evidence based practice to improve health outcomes and
population health—especially for vulnerable, at-risk populations.
Rural communities face numerous healthcare challenges, including: hospital
closures, lack of access to healthcare services, healthcare professional shortages
and lack of culturally appropriate services.
CHWs help bridge healthcare gaps and challenges facing rural communities.
Rural health decision and policymakers should consider the following in terms
of integrating CHWs into rural healthcare: workforce development;
occupational regulation; and sustainable funding.

Read the full report here:

Community Health Workers: Recommendations for Bridging Healthcare Gaps in Rural America

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